Saturday, December 3, 2011

Following the Muse

The Muse has been vocal the last 24 hours. More like 12 hours. She has helped me form a more solid vision of how this book should/could be laid out. She has also given me 5 new sock patterns. I love knitting socks on the bike. I think the patterns should be simple enough to memorize but complex enough to keep up the interest. I usually knit them one at a time when I'm biking. Two at a time gets confusing. There are too many yarns to keep up with. That said the Muse is wanting me to do a slipped stitch two color sock. She is thinking about the rugged wear warmer sock needs. I may just have to appease her. I may have to investigate the possibilities of using two project bags, one for each yarn, and knit these "simple" two color socks. 

I feel a case of must start swatches coming on...

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