Thursday, December 1, 2011


The world of cardio knitting is a new one. It is one that I have created. Well I may not have been the original creator but I am declaring it so. Cardio knitting is something I began doing about 3 years ago. I wanted to ride the stationary bike the mileage of the tour de France. While doing this I started knitting to keep myself occupied. As the weeks progressed my knitting was getting better and my biking skills grew. I started to drop a few pounds and I began feeling happier. Why not share these wonderful benefits with others? Why not be happy all the time and have the body feel great too? And as an added benefit there are many new socks and hats and mittens and scarves...well you get the picture.

It is my desire to bring this concept to the greater knitting and crochet community. To do this I am writing a book. I will feature some patterns that can easily be knit or crocheted while exercising. I will also be giving a great deal of fitness information. As a personal trainer it is very important to me to assist others in reaching their optimum health and wellness. There are many aspects to this optimum wellness. I hope to touch on all of them.

In the beginning the purpose of this blog will be to share my experiences in writing the book. As the concept continues to grow and take hold I intend to share other's experiences incorporating cardio-knitting into their lives. I will also be sharing my crafting and fitness experiences. 

So as we go into the darkest days of the year I intend to tap into my knowledge, experience, triumphs, and tragedies. I hope to bring forth a volume filled with treasures for my fiber community.

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