Sunday, February 16, 2014


It is not about exercise. It is not about diet. It is not about the supplements. It is not about stress reduction. It is not about sleep. It is about the mix and blending of all these components in your life. No one part of this puzzle can be the one solution to health and wellness in a fit body. 

Exercise is a personal journey just like weight loss. I am a distance runner today. I wasn't a distance runner 3 years ago. To become a fit person takes time when you are sedentary. It is a daily practice. A daily practice that starts with each person's current fitness level.  The body needs proper rest for recovery to gain the most benefits from exercise. Rest allows repair and then you can go at it harder. 

Diet is much the same it must be individualized. I do this in my personal life and with my clients. We follow the TLS Weight Loss System. I couldn't be happier with with the TLS System. It takes a person's life needs into account. The diet must support the body's demands for exercise and this program does just that. It is important to understand that good exercise will make you hungry. Hunger is good. This hunger needs to be fed.  

I am impressed with the supplementation this program has to offer. Impressed...such a mild word for the feeling that you are so happy with the results you feel 99% of the people you know could benefit in some way from this entire program. 

Sleep and stress? OH MY! Yeah. Stress happens doesn't it? I don't think any of us know a completely stress free person. They may handle the stress in an appropriate way so they appear to be stress free. If you know someone like this you might want to learn their secrets. Deep sleep will help with stress. Exercise will help with stress. A well planned and balanced diet will help with stress. 

No one component will cover it all. Each element must be there to reach success. Each element brings out the beneficial qualities of another. Exercise without diet and diet without exercise will not produce a body that is completely healthy and fit. 

How does this all tie to colorwork? I have been working on a pair of socks using yarn from my favorite yarn dyer, Alina Shea Creations. These socks are two colors blended together in just the right way to make pictures appear. A blue sock would be lovely and cover the foot. A white sock would be equally as warm and wonderful. Combining the two colors I have a pair of socks (one right now) that are a work of art. 

Knitting colorwork socks can be compared to the weight loss journey. Blending the colors and blending the elements of success we achieve a goal that is perfection. 

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