Friday, April 18, 2014

2 Cups of Veggies?!?!

Why yes, I do want my clients eating 2-3 cups of veggies at their three main meals and 1-2 at their two snacks. Vegetables offer more than meets the eye. They are filling and help the person who is having issues with overeating to feel full when trying to burn fat. Very simple fact there and commonly accepted. They also offer more phytonutrients than we are aware.

For my eating lifestyle I don't feel the need to know the details of why. I know I feel better physically. I know I have a greater happiness rating. I have a higher performance when running. Besides all those benefits the meals taste better! Variety of flavors and colors make the dining experience exciting.

Here is an example of that two cups of veggies and protein meal. I used fresh veggies for this. I cut the corn from the cob. The green beans are tender French beans cut in half. The red pepper is about 1/2 a fresh red pepper. I lightly sauteed this in olive oil. Then I added chicken breast that I had cooked last night. I like to cook ahead of time so I can reduce my prep time. As soon as the chicken was heated through the veggies were cooked through too. This lunch took me about 15 minutes to make!

Cardio-knitting progress? I have a 12 week goal for my sock drawer and for my body. The sock drawer will have an influx of 8 pair. (I may have added a couple to the ultimate 4 month sock goal. I could be crazy this way.) My goal is to knit on my spin bike as often as I can. Some of my patterns have intricate cables. Those are hard to do while biking. Today's sock is a pattern from Cookie A's book Sock. Knit. Love. The pattern is Mona. It is a fun lace knit that is easy to memorize. Patterns that are easy to memorize are good candidates for cardio-knitting.

I have been using the Awake Energy Shots at the beginning of my workouts. I love it! I get to the 45 minute mark on my cardio and I'm still enjoying myself. Believe me when you are spending an hour on a spin bike you are happy when you don't notice time ticking by. You are even happier when you are still enjoying yourself! Bonus? No jitters just mellow energy. It is the most calm Awake feeling I've ever experienced.

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