Thursday, June 19, 2014


Every journey begins somewhere. We all have to know where we are at this moment to begin the journey. I know my beginnings. I'm pretty healthy. I'm fairly fit. I'm happy in my life. Really if you look at my life you would ask why I want to make changes. I would ask why would I want to settle for now? Why not go for the next step into WOW?

That is what the next 60 days are all about for me. The next step into WOW! I'll be posting about that journey. My goal is to post photos of my meals with some recipes. I'll post some workout comments and perhaps a workout plan or two along the way. Of course there will be plenty of crafting. Knitting and spinning are part of my life. Life is what it is all about!

Yesterday I started on the TLS Weight Loss System Detox. This is an eating detox. Plenty of veggies and some fruits. I was not perfect in my quantities. If I one of my coaching clients had eaten so little food I would have had a good talking with them. Instead I moved forward and am eating more food today. What did I eat yesterday?

Breakfast was baby kale and fresh green bean salad, one small gala apple, and a handful of baby carrots.

A breakfast like this doesn't last long! I was ready for a snack pretty quickly. On detox we are not using any oil. I use parchment paper to keep things from sticking to the pan. This is the beginnings of Crispy Kale. Not Kale Chips but a crunchy soft kale that is baked. I rubbed a small amount of tamari onto the kale and baked at 450 for 7 minutes. The result? Crunchy tops and soft centers. 

Then there was a late lunch. Why LATE?? Well...I got busy with stuff. Detox tip? Don't get busy with stuff. You will likely miss a meal or two. I baked zucchini slices with herbs and had a side of Jicama Salad. 

And how do you make that jicama salad?? I can be a bit of a "this is how much I have on hand" kind of cook. My quantities vary from one occasion to the next. Sometimes I vary my ingredients. With this salad I stick with the ingredients but vary the quantities.

One green apple cored and chopped (about a cup maybe more it was a big apple this time)
2-3 cups of chopped jicama (this was a really really big jicama I only used half of it)
1/3 cup of chopped cilantro
one tablespoon (more or less as desired)minced jalapeno
one lemon juiced

Toss it all together and let the flavors blend. 

And then I was off to work. My clients had excellent leg workouts. I had an apple as a snack. I remembered exactly why I tell my weight loss clients not to eat fruit all by itself when on detox. Yeah. I was hyper and my belly hurt from all the sugar. I made it through though. After clients we hosted a business presentation. I ended up leaving the gym at 9:30! Then remembered that I ate almost all the fresh veggies. I learned exactly why not to go to try the grocery store checkout at 10 pm day one of detox. For some weird reason at 10 pm all the checkout lanes are closed and have to do a restart. As an added bonus last night they dropped one of the register drawers on the floor. That was a bit more than my over hungry self could handle. 

My last meal of the day was a beautiful yellow tomato on a huge bed of arugula. Remember that I started this by saying I ate less than I normally do on a detox day. I promise today has been better but you will have to wait until tomorrow to see. 

Exercise? Why YES! I did 50ish minutes on the spin bike. It was a cardio-knitting activity. I did get very sweaty but I promise I did not push too hard for a person on detox. I just don't have AC in my house and for some reason we are already in full summer hot and humid mode!

I started the second sock and had a chance to catch up with friends on their podcast! All in all I would say Day One of Detox was a success!

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