Friday, June 27, 2014

Sock Completion Day

There are days that are made of awesome. Yesterday was one of those. Well parts of it was. Let's go with the awesome. SOCKS. Knitting first today. I finished that pair of green socks while listening to The Weasley Sisters Podcast. They crack me up! The first 5 minutes of this had me rolling. Why? Give a listen. They were talking about me. I love them. They are amazing sisters connecting over the miles and bringing smiles to so many people. I have been participating in a Cardio-Knit Sock Swap with them. These socks were knit for someone else. I can't say who because it is a secret swap. The rules were the socks had to be partially knit while doing cardio. I had intended to knit 100% of the second sock while doing cardio. The first sock was mostly knit while away at a training. Well...Poison Ivy and cardio don't mix. The socks had to be finished by this weekend. I decided that if I was watching the podcast and speed knitting that would count for something. So that is what I did. Speed knit socks. They are pretty cool for plain vanilla knit socks. The cool part? The yarn. It is one of my club yarns from Alina Shea Creations. The yarn is merino with a bit of nylon in it for durability. It makes a great sock that softens as it wears. Can you imagine merino that gets softer? I'm hoping the recipient of these socks loves them.

After work I finished up the blue sock. It needs a mate. I did start the second one today. I love the way the pattern worked up. The fit is fabulous. Again these socks are going out to someone else. Another swap. Not for me. I am known to knit for other people just not for sale. I knit for my family and I knit for surprise packages to trade with strangers. It is a variation on the pen pal theme. 

And the food you ask? Yes I did eat. I woke with a weird craving for eggs. I go through phases with eggs. I'll have months when I eat eggs every morning and then all of the sudden I can't face them any more. I like eating them best with toast. Toast is not on the menu this summer. See that? Not just today or this week. This summer! So I went with eggs and bacon with a side of greens. 

Check out these beets! They are candy cane beats. 

Aren't they pretty? It would be cool if they stayed those colors when cooked. They turn plain pink. They are pretty though. I had them with a green salad and roast turkey thigh. It was a great lunch!

Snack was a fresh peach and 10 raw almonds between clients at work. Then for dinner I made crispy kale with sliced new red onion. New red onion is similar to scallion but a bigger red bulb. I sliced up the bulb and the greens and rubbed all of it with 2 tsp of coconut oil. My kitchen is so warm right now the coconut oil is liquid. I used some freshly ground sea salt as seasoning. Then I sliced up more of the roast turkey and warmed it up. The bowl was full. I was just so hungry I started eating before I remembered I needed a picture of the food! 

For desert I had some frozen strawberries with chopped almonds. It was simple but satisfied all the taste cravings. Sometimes you just have to go with what is available in the fridge. 

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