Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Baby it's COLD Inside

All these veggies are not heating my core up! Here in the mountains we are in full humid summer mode. To keep people safe and happy in the gym we have the AC set to 68 degrees. That is perfect if you are exercising. If you are telling people what exercises to do or sitting at the desk working that is not nearly warm enough. I have been so cold the last few days. Yesterday I went outside to warm up before my 5:30 pm group class came in. I was standing in what would have been the sun if it were not so overcast. The wind picked up. I would normally love a nice breeze on a muggy summer afternoon. Not yesterday! Oh my word!! That breeze started blowing and I was chilled to the bone.

Breakfast yesterday was another salad with fruit but I changed up the broccoli. I roasted it. The little flowers are crunchy and the stems are soft. It is an interesting switch for broccoli.

Second breakfast or that late morning snack? Well, in the south we do this thing with green tomatoes. It is not necessarily healthy. It is quite yummy. We slice them and bread them and dip them in hot oil. Fried green tomatoes! They are available with gravy, with cheese grits, with cheese, plain, as a side, as a full meal, with bacon, with shrimp, the list goes on and on. Sunday I found some lovely green tomatoes. I immediately started craving fried green tomatoes. Not on detox. Never on detox. Fried? Rarely if ever in my normal diet will I have fried anything. What did I opt for? Broiled green tomatoes. I will be experimenting with variations as I come off detox. This was a decent choice though and helped with that intense craving. How did I do it? I sliced the tomato and dusted it with powdered garlic and fresh ground Italian spices. I put it under the broiler until the edges started to brown. Then I had it with simple steamed kale. Very tasty!

Lunch was leftovers. It was also a late lunch. Steamed broccoli, roasted brussels and more of that jicama salad I've been eating. I took the salad with me to work and had more of it between clients. It is important to keep the energy levels up all day.

After work I was super hungry. A trip to the grocery store was needed. I opted for Whole Foods. There are so many choices for veggies! I bought sprouts, daikon radish, spinach and arugula mix, and pattypan squash. WOW! My world opened up! I started with a sprout and daikon salad while the squash was roasting. It looks small. It isn't. The bowl is huge. The bowl holds 20 oz. This is about a cup and a half of salad. That is a whole lot of sprouts!

Pattypan squash are cute! I love them. My favorite way is to saute them in butter with fresh onion. I roasted these with garlic and onion powder. 

Then I ate them over a bed of the spinach and arugula with a few green olives for added flavor. YUMMY!!

And what about that sock progress?? There was a bit of cardio-knitting in the day. I did sit still long enough to get the gusset stitches picked up and then it was around and around and around we go! The sock is missing about 3.5 inches of foot and a toe! Soon. Very soon for this one!

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