Friday, June 20, 2014

Salad for Breakfast Today

I have told clients they could eat salad for breakfast. The faces I get make me giggle. Of course it is on the inside. I wouldn't laugh in their faces. The best part is when they come back to me in 6 weeks and are shocked at how they missed their veggies at breakfast when traveling. I love that conversation. They are trying to convince me that I was right all along.

My breakfast today was essentially a salad. Arugula greens, fresh raw green beans, sliced jicama, and some wonderful fresh blueberries. Simple and satisfying.

When I was starting my lunch I was hungry. I was missing my hot coffee too. In a stroke of brilliance I remembered that I had purchased some fresh ginger. I chopped up a teaspoon and put it in my favorite mug with the juice of one quarter of a lemon. I added hot water and let it brew. The result was a spicy tangy treat that held me through until lunch was ready.

But what was for lunch? Steamed veggies of course! I diced up rutabaga, turnip, and kohlrabi. (Remember these veggies need to be peeled first. Yucky wax on the rutabaga will melt into the water. We don't want to go there.) These veggies took about 40 minutes to get soft. 

And how would you eat these steamed veggies? With baby kale of course! Or any other green or salad. It would also make a nice side for a "regular" meal. Though if I were having this with a regular meal I might have a bit of butter or cold pressed olive oil on top of it. The great benefit of making a large pot of veggies like this is that second lunch is all ready to eat! That is exactly what I did. I had this meal twice!

Dinner? Before work I made myself some roasted squash, sliced up some jicama (I did say that was one huge jicama didn't I?) and added half a green pepper to the mix. It was yummy. I was full for hours. Seriously. HOURS!

There was of course some cardio-knitting involved in my day as well. I didn't get to the spin bike. I had a client at 8:30 in the morning. It was hard to get on the bike after the house had warmed up. I was fortunate enough to walk back and forth to work 4 times. That was plenty of walking and knitting time. I managed to knit an inch and a quarter and get a start on the heel flap of this sock! I started my morning where you see my thumb obviously finished where the needles are. These are new dress socks for Kam. She is fortunate to have little feet. Little feet are faster to make socks for. This pair is also a nice neutral color. 


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