Thursday, June 26, 2014

Return of the Protein

I had a client ask me if I was eating enough. It seems I'm not documenting all my snacks. OOPS! Sorry!! I have had an apple or two that didn't get all glammed up and into the shots. For today's post you can note there were two snacks that didn't make it to pictures. One was an apple with peanut butter and the other was an ounce of raw almonds. I was just so hungry I forgot to get a photo. Really though how exciting is a picture of an ounce of almonds?

Yesterday marked the return of the protein. I started my day with the same squash on a bed of arugula with a half cup of blueberries but added uncured turkey bacon to the plate. It seemed such a treat!

Lunch may not look like much but it was filling. I sauteed yellow squash, green onion, and broccoli in a teaspoon of coconut oil and added in one chicken Italian sausage. I had this over a bed of fresh arugula greens. Plenty of flavor for something that is not all that creative. 

Dinner was one that we do when we are over tired and just need a quick meal. I made a fast chili. Not one to write home about. Not one that needs to go down in the history books or even near a cook book. Just a chili that fills the belly and satisfies some of those nutritional needs. This one was simple fresh garlic and onions sauteed with some ground bison. I added a can of black beans and some tomato paste to it. I used  a fun meat rub for the seasoning. It has the flavor of chili with some deep notes of chocolate and coffee. Once there was enough water to mix it all through it was simply a matter of simmering for 15 minutes. I had half an avocado and a nice green salad with it. Perfect.

Knitting? Oh yes! I did some cardio knitting...well walked back and forth to the gym and around at the gym a bit. By night fall the sock was an inch away from the toe decreases! Here it is measured up to its mate.

The blue sock? I spent a lovely lunch hour knitting on the porch swing. I took a picture of the start point. Silly me forgot to take a picture of it before I started knitting today. Today I finished it. You will have to wait for tomorrow's post to see the completion. Here is where I started on it though. I have to say I'm so enjoying the blue against the flowered nail wraps. 

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