Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Kettle Bells Rock

I started my workouts with my son again. He is a fantastic trainer. We are doing what we refer to as a Power Half Hour Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Boy was yesterday morning a powerful workout! He is working out with me. Pretty fun to do a mother son workout. We used kettle bells for our cardio bursts. Body weight rows with the TRX got the back. Battling ropes hit the shoulders and arms while providing extra cardio. Finally he had us do some chest using the cable cross overs. After a half hour I was ready to quit! I pushed hard. I think I pushed extra hard because I don't want to seem weak. I what to be able to do whatever he says. It could be a bit crazy to compare my 49 year old body's abilities to his 30 year old abilities. I'm not really. Not the weights I'm moving just the endurance. Still crazy.

I needed more food for recovery than I ate. I struggle with getting enough meals and big enough meals. That is one reason I'm challenging myself to share it with the world. Or at least the portion of the world that is interested in reading. For those in the know you will notice I needed another cup of veggies with my breakfast. The gluten free chicken Italian sausage had 18 grams of protein. It was enough for the meal. I had baked the sweet potato while I was at the gym. They were perfectly soft and piping hot when I returned home. Yes, that is butter on the sweet potato. It is real butter and whipped so it looks like lots when it is indeed just a bit.

I repeated my lack of green veggies at lunch. Again not a good plan. Why did I do this? I'm claiming burn out. I was just not interested in cooking more food. Some how I reasoned with myself that chicken and sweet potato would be enough to see me through. Could be that snack I had late morning. There was an apple and peanut butter that somehow managed to get into my belly without having its portrait taken. 

Before going into the gym for my evening clients I had early dinner. Another chicken breast, roasted sliced cabbage and a roasted zucchini. It was yummy but not enough food to take me through the entire evening. I was done with clients at 8:30 pm and famished again. I'm blaming the kettle bells.

What did I do? I heated up gluten free chicken meat balls and sauteed some spinach. The radish garnish was tasty but not really much additional nutrition. 

I followed this with a pear and the last few table spoons of yogurt topped off with walnuts.

Knitting? I started another sock! This is the Stitch Surfer sock from What a fun concept! Intarsia knit in the round that fades one direction and another. The appearance of surfing from side to side is intensified by the stripe contrasted with the tonal variegation. I think these socks are going to be a fast knit. I'm pretty happy about that.

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