Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Bull Mountain

Today was run day. I have grown to love my Wednesday runs. My running buddy and I are in training again. Mostly for the Asheville Marathon which will be held at the Builtmore Estate in March and partly for another half marathon. I'm running a half in November. She is thinking about another half this year but is not sure yet. We are both running the Asheville Marathon as our first full marathon. It is exciting and scary at the same time.

Today was to be an "easy 5 miles" on trails. We changed our mind. Things just didn't feel right out there for a trail run today. So we decided to run through a neighborhood and up Bull Mountain. The neighborhood run was a gradual uphill for about 2 miles and then we turned off to go up the mountain. It is a 400 foot climb to the top along a 3/4 mile switchback abandoned road. The trees are starting to turn. The sun shone through the trees casting a beautiful light over the moss covered asphalt chunk and gravel path. I admit we didn't run the whole way. It was a 16 minute mile to the top. Not running but not slow walking either. The downhill run was a blast! We had a 2 mile long downhill run back to the gym! WOW! It was fun. I have to say I never thought of myself as a person who would be so happy and proud of a 5 mile run. Times change.

The big question here is what do you eat when you are running that long and on detox week? I had an apple about an hour before the run and one just after it. Then after my shower I ate a huge plate of seamed veggies. As I chopped them and put them into the steamer I was dubious. I'm used to a big meal with a large serving of protein after a run. How could this pot of green stuff fill me? Would it be enough to satisfy the post run hunger? Would it be enough to keep me going? I took my time. I ate it all. I not only felt full and satisfied I felt fabulous! My body feels full of nutrients and oxygen. My spirit feels full of nature. I'm quite content with my Wednesday Run!

Today's steamed veggies? Asparagus, baby green beans, and baby kale mix with chopped fresh basil. Not really a recipe, more of an idea of what you can do and how you can sustain yourself while eating just veggies.


  1. I had one of my personal training clients say she hesitated to read this blog because, "I thought it was about knitting." Then she said the bright colored food caught her eye so she clicked on the link, and of course she loved April's post. Knitting is not just a craft it's a metaphor for how we weave our lives together, and achieve remarkable, beautiful, things through small steps ~ the flick of a knitting needle, the tap of a keyboard key, the steam on tiny young plants, tying the laces of new running shoes ~
    Thank you April for inspiring many to take that small step of success over and over again.